Ready or not, it's a new month! Here are the sunrise and sunset times in Bar Harbor for November 2021

We turn our clocks back a hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 7th as Daylight Savings Time ends for the year. That means that although we get an extra hour of sleep that night, that sunrise will be a hour later starting on November 7th, and sunset comes a hour earlier! Now's a good time to put batteries on your shopping list, so you can change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when you change your clocks.

We go from 10 hours and 14 minutes of daylight on November 1st to 9 hours and 10 minutes on November 30th

The next full moon is the "Beaver Moon" which will be on Friday, November 19th.

If you are heading to Acadia National Park to check out the sunrise or sunset, remember that you will still need a pass.  Park passes are now required year round

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Here are the sunrise and sunset times in Bar Harbor in November

MondayNovember 17:09 5:23
TuesdayNovember 27:105:22
WednesdayNovember 37:115:20
ThursdayNovember 47:135:19
FridayNovember 57:145:18
SaturdayNovember 67:155:17
SundayNovember 76:174:15
MondayNovember 86:184:14
TuesdayNovember 96:194:13
WednesdayNovember 106:214:12
ThursdayNovember 116:224:11
FridayNovember 126:234:10
SaturdayNovember 136:254:09
SundayNovember 146:264:08
MondayNovember 156:274:07
TuesdayNovember 166:294:06
WednesdayNovember 176:305:05
ThursdayNovember 186:314:04
FridayNovember 196:334:03
SaturdayNovember 206:344:02
SundayNovember 216:354:01
Monday November 226:364:01
TuesdayNovember 236:384:00
WednesdayNovember 246:393:59
ThursdayNovember 256:403:59
FridayNovember 266:413:58
SaturdayNovember 276:423:58
SundayNovember 286:443:57
MondayNovember 296:453:57
TuesdayNovember 306:463:56


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