As the 9th launch of a Space X rocket took place this past Sunday morning from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, early morning risers up and down the east coast got a wake up call.

What was that?

It was the launch of a Space X rocket carrying another payload of 60 Starlink satellites to be distributed in space, and when a rocket booster activated folks from Florida to the Gulf of Maine got an eyeful.


Numerous photos and videos of what was at least momentarily mystifying were spread across Facebook via various news organizations and by those just waking up and out taking the dog for a walk.

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The Starlink Satellite System is the brainchild of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, and it's still in the beta testing mode.  Recently we've read of a few Mainers taking part in the project, and reviews have varied from bad to good, although Starlink officials stress that the project is still in the testing mode.  The Starlink system will eventually consist of thousands of satellites shaped like a flattened car spread across space and communicating with ground-based receivers, eventually providing stellar internet service world-wide.

Besides this past Sunday's Space X launch, Mainers have been dumbfounded more than once while staring into the night time sky, while catching a glimpse of a string of a string of Starlink satellites while the sun hits them.  Folks can use to find the next time that any will be visible to us here in the Bangor area.

But it was good to know that aliens weren't paying us a surprise visit this past Sunday morning, as it was only another (ho hum) Space X rocket propelling itself into the heavens above.


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