The University of Maine released on July 5th, the list of students who earned recognition on the Spring 2022 Dean's List!

To be eligible for the Full-time Dean’s List, a student must have completed 12 or more calculable credits in the semester and have earned a 3.50 or higher semester GPA. Students who have part-time status during both the fall and spring semesters of a given academic year are eligible for Part-time Dean’s List. They must have completed 12 or more calculable credits over both terms and have earned a combined GPA in those terms of 3.50 or higher.

To see the full list click HERE

Here is the list from Hancock and Washington Counties.

Hancock County

  • Bar Harbor: Phillip Bart, Ruby Brown, Matthew Cox, Jonathan Genrich, Chris Horton, Caleb Jackson, Thomas Korstanje, Baylor Landsman, Katie Losquadro, Isaac Mains, Mason Soares, Marissa Springer, Nathaniel Taylor, Sara Todd
  • Bass Harbor: Abigail Muscat
  • Bernard: Ben Freudig, Madison Williams
  • Blue Hill: Kacie Bond, Curran Granger, Alexis Hallett, Erika Hipsky, Hannah Sherwood
  • Brooksville: Garrett Parker
  • Bucksport: Elizabeth Baumann, Danny Bunker, Hannah Ferrell, Kaylee Knowles, Kendall Szumilas, Carter TolmasoffCorea
  • : Benjamin Hunt, Kimberly Hunt, Timothy Hunt
  • Dedham: Jacob Curtis, Sarah Dorey, Kate Fogg, Colby Hafford, Jordyn Miller, Jaymie Sidaway, Finn Wardwell
  • Deer Isle: Nicole Cortez, Amy Hardy, Jordyn Judkins, Aja Quintal
  • Eastbrook: Brooke Carver, Malcolm Svec
  • Ellsworth: Lindsay Bland, Joy Cartwright, Dylan Freeman, Eliott Gagnon-Victor, Riley Grindle, Jared Hamilton, Joy Kempf, Alec Leathers, Kaitlin McCullough, Allison Robbins, MaKayla Seavey, Maria Wagenknecht, Dennis Wichterman, Evelyn Zumwalt
  • Gouldsboro: Blue Howard, Skye Howard
  • Hancock: Pamela Burhoe, Trevor Morrison
  • Holden: Ana Dunn
  • Lamoine: Paul Briggs, Elizabeth Dalton, Mackenzie Hanna, Madison Jones, Ella Wallace
  • Little Deer Isle: Ella Marshall, Ennis Marshall
  • Mount Desert: Cadi Howell
  • Northeast Harbor: Louise Chaplin
  • Orland: Hope Bowden, John LaBrier, Reilly Linkel, Sarah Low, Schuyler Vandereb
  • Penobscot: James Bilella, Heather Munroe
  • Seal Cove: Emma Watras, Julia Watras
  • Sorrento: Samantha Bierman
  • Southwest Harbor: Elaina Cote, Sydney Kachmar, Camille Michaud, Timothy Moore, Roxy Preston, John Squires
  • Stonington: Mchenna Martin, Sam Pottle
  • Sullivan: Andrea Knapp, Kevin Venard
  • Surry: Amelia Hayden, Emma Whitney
  • Swans Island: Theo Woodbury
  • Trenton: Gus La Casse, Bella Ross
  • Winter Harbor: Riley Flubacher, Tara Flubacher

Washington County

  • Addison: Riley Grant
  • Baileyville: Toni Gagner, Erika Isnor, Bogumil Korasadowicz
  • Beals: Ryan Alley
  • Calais: Kenzie Bennett, Devon Carrier, Patrick Corbett, Megan Greene, Ivy McLellan, Gavin Parks
  • Charlotte: Kaylah Kilby
  • Cherryfield: Jessica Rolfe
  • Cutler: Bryant Marsh, Greg Moulton
  • Danforth: Christiana Lord
  • Dennysville: Gabe Brady
  • Edmunds Township: Jevan McPhail
  • Harrington: Emma Denbow, Tracey Peterson, Anna Strout
  • Jonesboro: Jinny Davis
  • Jonesport: Stephen Cirone
  • Machias: Ragan Toppan
  • Machiasport: Marc Michaud, Marissa Wood
  • Marshfield: Isaac Atkinson, Alex Renshaw, Brianna Renshaw, Morgan Schwinn, Lydia Sprague
  • Milbridge: Ana Ortiz Albor
  • Perry: Jacob Cook, Alex Morgan, Madilyn Newcomb, Marek Veal
  • Pleasant Point: Serina Fredette
  • Whiting: Burdette Brown, Haley Cherry
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