This guy likes to do things by the book.

While President Trump has not been able to quell protests, this unassuming man certainly can. He's a student at the University of Washington who quieted a bunch of protesters at the library with three simple words: "Hey...hey...hey. This is library." He then walks away, probably unaware that he is about to become a viral sensation.

Look, 2017 is basically 1968 all over again, with protests becoming as much a part of our weekend routine as sleeping in. This dude doesn't care, though. He knows that a library is a sanctuary for those seeking solitude and silence while trying to focus in a distraction-free environment.

Politics has no place in the home of the Dewey Decimal System and this student's decision to discipline others in a library is the latest chapter in the always-entertaining world of the internet.

College students have a long tradition of protesting, but let this be a warning to all of you contemplating it: steer clear of the library. These anti-protesters are tougher than a librarian determined to collect a late fee.

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