With the 1st big snowstorm of December heading our way, I know that students, parents and teachers are already asking "Will there be school on Tuesday December 3rd?"

Want to know if you should finish your homework? (You should) Want to know if you should study for that test or exam Tuesday? (You should).

It's pretty simple. You enter your zip code, how many snow days you have already had, and then what kind of school you go to. Then the calculator figures out the probability that you won't have to go to school Tuesday, December 3rd! Pretty simple, but to insure you don't have school, I would still suggest going to bed with your pajamas on backwards!

To access the Snow Day Calculator click HERE

Of course we will have all the snow cancellations and delays on our website.

To see the latest forecast for the Ellsworth/Bar Harbor area you can click HERE

And if you want to see what Callahan, a Island resident with a pretty good track record of predicting storms has to say, you can click HERE (Spoiler Alert- He's already calling for a no-school day on Tuesday, December 3rd)

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