It's a quiet day at the office, here, and I'm sure in many, many offices schools and organizations as lots and lots of people stayed up to watch the Super Bowl last night, and then watched "This Is Us" and maybe even "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon".

All of that combined to make for a late, late night, or early morning depending how long you stayed up last night. Plus people were having Super Bowl parties, drinking and eating  way more than usual on a Sunday night. So it had me thinking, should the Super Bowl be played on Saturday night rather than Sunday night?

Yes, I know it's always been played on Sunday, but it used to be played in the afternoon in the early days of the Super Bowl. Sundays were originally for football, but now we have Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football and playoff games are played on Saturday night. So why not the Super Bowl?

Take the poll and let me  know what you think!

And if you're calling in "sick" today, Mucinex is on to you!

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