I get such a chill when I hear the MDI Pep Band playing Jesus Christ Superstar and see the MDI Basketball Teams run out onto the floor! And it's all due to the talented members under the direction of Michael Remy!

Whenever I go to broadcast the Tourney games from the Cross Insurance Center I always have people coming up to me, wanting to make the Band will be playing! And remember when there was the live broadcast of Jesus Christ Superstar on TV last Easter? I started laughing during the beginning when they started with the theme and my wife looked at me and wanted to know why I was laughing. I told her I kept waiting for the MDI Basketball Team to run out onto the set! That's how conditioned I have become!

The MDI Pep Band adds such excitement when they perform at a football or basketball game! Bernard Parady Gymnasium or Alumni Field just isn't the same when they're not there!

Thanks to Kait Tompkins who took these photos while I was announcing during Senior Recognition Night.

Alec Fisichella, Duncan Justice, El Houghton, September Murray, Mr Remy
Alex Eason
Camden Garland
Carolyn Graber
Charlotte Brugman
Chase McGee
Dani LeDuc
Dawson Burnette
Irene Choi
Lily Turner
Logan Nason
Ryan Kelly
Tabby Booher
Tristan Higgins