Emera Maine is warning it's customers to be aware that scammers are targeting a numbers of small businesses in the Ellsworth and MDI area.

When called, these individuals are

  • Demanding immediate payment or threatening disconnection with little notice
  • Requiring payment be made by a prepaid debit card or other non-refundable form of payment
  • Appearing to be coming from an Emera Maine number on caller ID
  • Featuring an answering service message that is identical to the recording heard when calling the Emera Maine Customer Contact Center

According the the Emera Maine Press Release customers are reminded to never give out credit card or other payment information over the phone unless they have initiated the call. Customer should end suspicious calls immediately and then contact Emera Maine's Customer Contact Center at 973-2000 or 1-855-363-7211 to ensure that they are speaking with an Emera Maine representative.

According to Karen Holyoke, the Vice President of Customer Experience

Emera Maine customers will never receive a call from a representative demanding immediate payment with the threat of disconnection. Customers facing disconnection are notified by mail, may receive a notification by automation or personal call and are encouraged to contact us to work out an arrangement. We make every effort to work with our customers and disconnection is a last resort.