Last year, Zoe Parker, a member of MDI High School's Class of 2019 created a Facebook Group People of MDIHS as part of her Senior Exhibition Project. She has extended the group for the Class of 2020, and is allowing us to post the salutes here on the WDEA website.

To participate please message Zoe at the People of MDIHS Facebook group. She would like the following information

  • A picture of yourself
  • Where you’re planning on going to college/what your future plans are and your major(if applicable)!

It's that easy! She'll then post it on the People of MDIHS Facebook page and we'll then include it here, and we'll post ours alphabetically by last name.

Atty Brown

Ruby Brown

Sabrina Calas

Gillian Carroll

Rylie Clough

Mei Cook

Nick Corson

Cassie Craig

Hannah Goodwin

Daisy Granholm

Ashley Graves

Hannah Hanscom

Cadi Howell

Gabbie James

Brenna Jones

Madison Jones

Macey Jordan

Sam Keblinsky

Sarah King

Ashton Lozano

Sarah MacDonald

Erik Merchant

Trevor Morrison

Katelyn Osborne

Marina Parsons

Sophia Picard

Lexi Rich

Quincy Rozeff

Julia Rush

Isaiah Sawyer

Parker Shortell

Geneva Stevens-Rosa

Chandler Strout

Rachelle Swanson

Gianna Turk

Hannah Viechnicki

Annabelle Walke

Lucy Wray

Serena Young

Emily York

Dezirae Zaman

Evelyn Zumwalt

More to come...

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