The MDI Boy's Tennis Teams beat Calais 3-2, and George Stevens Academy 5-0, on Tuesday, April 9th in Bar Harbor.

Here are the results. Thanks to Molly Webster for sending the results.

MDI vs. Calais

  • 1st Singles  Jeremy Turner (Calais) beat Owen Kelly (MDI) 8-4
  • 2nd Singles - Kaden Small (Calais) beat Jameson Weir (MDI) 8-2
  • 3rd Singles - Riley Donahue (MDI) beat Charlie Betar (Calais) 8-4
  • 1st Doubles- Caden Braun/Kaden Sweet (MDI) beat Mikah Smith/Chase Scott (Calais) 8-2
  • 2nd Doubles - Alex Yeadon/Alex Oehmke (MDI) beat Cameron Harmon/Wyatt Short (Calais) 8-1


  • 1st Singles - Jameson Weir (MDI) beat Fred Coit (GSA) 8-0
  • 2nd Singles - Owen Kelly (MDI) beat Adam Metcalf (GSA) 8-4
  • 3rd Singles - Riley Donahue (MDI) beat Malcolm Page (GSA) 8-1
  • 1st Doubles - Caden Braun/Bowdoin Allen (MDI) beat Kyrylo Salo/Quinn Jackson (GSA) 8-1
  • 2nd Doubles - Chase Noble/Elis Hansbury (MDI) beat Liam Henry/Beckett Shanker (GSA) 8-4
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