Editor's note: The information below applies only to the Maine chapter of the American Red Cross. Please contact your local Red Cross chapter for information for your area.

You may have as little as two minutes to escape a home fire. Time is of the essence, but what about if you or a loved one is hard of hearing or deaf?

The Maine Region of the American Red Cross will install free bed-shaker alarms for those who are hard of hearing or deaf. They will also install smoke alarms, check batteries in existing alarms, replace batteries if needed and help you create an escape plan.

Bed shaker alarms are vibrating alarms with bed shaking capabilities to alert those with hearing impairments of fire or smoke in their homes.

If you live in Maine, make an appointment by calling (207) 847-1192 selecting option 3, emailing firesafety4me@redcross.org or by visiting www.soundthealarm.org/maine

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