It seems like forever since we have had a good dumping of snow, but for snow lovers, the wait is over! Ready or not we can expect a significant snowstorm on Friday, January 7th.

The National Weather Service in Caribou has issued a Winter Storm Warning from 4 a.m. Friday until 1 a.m. Saturday, January 8th.

National Weather Service Caribou
National Weather Service Caribou

Most forecasters are expecting at least 6-10 inches, and you can see from the above graphic, the folks at the National Weather Service in Caribou are calling for 8-12 inches in Downeast Maine and in the Bangor area.

With the snow expected Friday, it's a good idea just to make sure certain basics are taken care of Thursday in case you can't get out during the day. Make sure you have filled any prescriptions, that you have enough pet food. While there's no need to go panic shopping, you'll want to make sure you have bread, milk and any snacks, as there's a very good possibility that the children will be home and not at school.

Tonight before going to bed make sure all your electronics are fully charged, in the event of power outages during the storm. It would be a good idea to make sure you know where your snow shovel is, and have it near the front or back door. If you use snow and ice melt, make sure you have some on hand. And in a nod to my late father, make sure you have gas for the snowblower!

Check back frequently on the WDEA website on Friday, as we will have an up to the minute list of cancellations, delays and closings

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