Do you have room in your home and heart for Alfie, a 1 year old spirited, sprightly, energetic husky! Did we mention he's energetic?


Alfie is a striking 1-year-old dog that is very much a puppy at heart still. He is a clever boy with way too much energy to be a simple house dog and would do much better if he had a job to do, like if he was on a farm or off on adventures. He hasn’t spent much time indoors and is learning to be housebroken still.

He has a strong, independent streak and will need someone with a kind but firm hand to help him learn his manners and mind them. But this lovable goofball will fill his home with love and laughter in return, so he is worth every second of it!

To learn more about Alfie and the other pets waiting for adoption, head to the SPCA of Hancock County's website

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