The 10th season of the Community Cafe is nearing an end, and the Neighborhood House in Northeast Harbor is pleased to report that the shift to the Carryout Cafe has survived and thrived with each meal averaging 150 meals! Organizers have added 3 extra sessions, or what they like to call it "extra portions"!

Carryout luncheons are scheduled for Thursday, April 15, as well as Thursday, May 6 (a makeup from January), and for good measure organizers have added one “grand finale” luncheon on Thursday, May 20. All lunches will be served from 11:30 to 1 with a donation of $7.00 asked per meal with Seniors invited to eat "on the house".

On Thursday April 15th, the Knowles Company will be sponsoring the lunch which will consist of a classic “Maine Italian” sandwich, paired with chips, pickles, and of course a Whoopie Pie for dessert! Atlantic Brewing is providing a bottle of their locally produced “Old Soaker” Root Beer to go with each lunch!

On Thursday, May 6th the Maine Seacoast Mission will sponsor a Mexican themed lunch as Cinco de Mayo will be the previous day.

Finally on Thursday, May 20th, the last until November 2021, will feature Spring favorites.

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