Today, February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day! Now anyone knows me knows that my dog, Elmer isn't a pet, he's part of my family!

Photo Chris Popper
Photo Chris Popper

It's amazing, no matter how long I am away from home Elmer will jump up and greet me and put his paws on my shoulders and look at me nose to nose. It's like he's saying "How come you left me? You know we are supposed to be inseparable! Let's try to do better next time!"

I'm the only one he jumps on and I wouldn't have it any other way! It is so funny. He will be sound asleep,and I'll try to sneak out of the TV room to go to bed and he will know, and be in the bed before I am even undressed and under the covers!

So here's your chance to brag, and post your favorite fur baby on National Love Your Pet Day!

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