Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, is coming up Monday. Who’s ready for a long weekend?

Of course, we remember those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.  And there are numerous parades around the area to attend.

There’s also family and friends getting together, and that includes food and outdoor fun. And also, mosquitoes.

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And for those that love this time of the year and the temperatures that make outside events so much more fun, check this out.

Just like we check the weather with a ‘forecast’ from our favorite meteorologist, we can now check the forecast for mosquitoes.

The company that makes Off mosquito repellent, SC Johnson, along with Google Earth Engine have teamed up to ‘forecast’ mosquito numbers and it’s broken down by zip code.

Here’s the link.

With higher temperatures and humidity, the growth of mosquitos from eggs to blood suckers increases. So now we can check on conditions, before we plan our events.

Sorry we have to eat inside the house, my Off Cast Mosquito Forecast is calling for more ‘skeeters’

From that site, here’s a few results.

First the forecast for Bangor ...

Bangor Mosquito forecast

Maybe closer to the coast, next stop Bar Harbor ...

Bar Harbor Mosquito

Hmm.  How about the County.  There are more mosquitoes in the County. Now to Fort Kent

Fort Kent Mosquito

Maybe we need to get closer to fresh water.  How about the Great Lakes, and Buffalo New York?

Buffalo NY Mosquito

I know where there are mosquitoes.  Lots of them. Off to Florida, and Sarasota ...

Sarasota Florida

Finally, some orange and red.

Entomologists have described the tool as "very accurate." Maybe we should check back the deeper into summer we go.

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