Saturday July 15 - PUPDATE - This is why you NEVER give up hope! After 10 days on the loose, Molly is home! She's a lot skinnier and full of ticks, but she is home! Thanks to all who looked for her, and prayed for her return!

Monday July 10 - PUPDATE - Molly is still missing but was last seen in Orland on the Gray Meadow Road. Please continue to look for her, and remember don't chase her! If you see her, please call Ashley or Jeff at 207-610-2454 or 207-479-4523!

As a Great Dane Dad, this hits home! Molly is missing from Kaspala Lane (Ellsworth/Surry town line) in Surry, and has been missing since Wednesday afternoon, July 5th.

Photo Ashley Snow
Photo Ashley Snow

Great Danes are big dogs, but are giant chickens. Molly was spooked in the storm on Wednesday.

She is 7 months old and weighs around 80 pounds. She had a collar with tags when she ran off.

If you have any information please call Ashley or Jeff at 207-610-2454 or 207-479-4523!

Don't chase her, if you see her. Give Ashley or Jeff a call right away!

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