The MDI Tennis Teams defeated Belfast on Monday, May 16th, with the Girls winning 4-1 at home and the Boys winning 5-0 on the road in Belfast. Here are the results.


  • 1st Singles - Lelia Weir won 8-1
  • 2nd Singles - Taber Allen won 8-1
  • 3rd Singles - Addy Smith won 8-1
  • 1st Doubles - Hannah St. Amand and Meredith Cook won 8-1
  • 2nd Doubles - Ava Lawson and Eliza Levin lost 4-8


  • 1st Singles - Westy Granholm won 8-0
  • 2nd Singles - Max Friedlander won 8-0
  • 3rd Singles - Evan Ankrom won 8-3
  • 1st Doubles - Jack Hodgdon and Jameson Weir won 8-0
  • 2nd Doubles - Won by Forfeit

The MDI Tennis Teams return to the court on Wednesday, May 18th when they host Old Town.

Thanks to Lelia Weir for the results

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