The MDI Trojans rolled over the John Bapst Crusaders, Friday, October 2nd in Bar Harbor, defeating the Crusaders 51-12.

Photo Walter Churchill

In their 4 previous games, the Trojans had scored on their first possession. On Friday night, John Bapst won the toss, and elected to defer, giving the Trojans the ball . MDI returned the kick to their 37 yard line, and 3 plays later, Taner Bickford ran in from the 48 yard line. When the 2-point conversion was good, MDI led 8-0 with 10:52 left in the 1st Quarter, and MDI had scored in their first 5 games on their first possession.

John Bapst took over at their own 24 yard line, and after 7 plays (3 runs and 4 passes) they were forced to punt. MDI took over on their own 35 yard line with 7:36 left in the 1st Quarter.

Photo Walter Churchill

MDI marched up the field, and Taner Bickford scored, rushing in from the 9 yard line. The touchdown capped off a 7 play drive that took 2:20. The 2-point conversion was no good, and MDI led 14-0 with 5:16 remaining in the 1st Quarter.

John Bapst took over on their own 27 yard line, and marched down the field, but after a 14 play drive, the MDI defense stiffened, and the Crusaders turned the ball over on downs at the MDI 10 yard line. The Crusaders ran the ball 9 times and passed it 6 times.

Photo Walter Churchill

When MDI started on their own 10, they only needed 1 play to get into the end zone, as Bickford scampered 90 yards for his 3rd touchdown of the night. MDI faked a kick, and then threw it into the end zone. The 2-point conversion was good, and with 9:27 left in the half, MDI was up 22-0.

Photo Walter Churchill

John Bapst went 3 and out, and were forced to punt. MDI took over on their own 45 yard line with 7:47 remaining in the half. It took 5 plays, and Bickford was in the end zone again, rushing in from 36 yards out. Drew Rich's extra point was good and MDI was up 29-0 with 6:41 remaining in the 1st Half.

John Bapst was forced to punt after 7 plays and MDI took over on their own 10 yard line. It only took 2 plays and 29 seconds and Bickford was in the end zone again! This time, he ran in from 60 yards. At the end of the 1st Half, it was MDI 36 John Bapst 0.

The Crusaders scored with 10:06 left in the 3rd Quarter. Quarterback Andrew DeTour pitched the ball to Spencer Baron who then threw the ball to Logan Dempsey. The completion was good for 70 yards, a drive that took 1:49. The 2-point conversion was no good and MDI led 36-6.

Taner Bickford scored his 6th touchdown of the night, this time a 9 yard run capping a 8 play drive that took 2:30. Drew Rich's extra point was good, and MDI was up 43-6.

Old Town scored on an 11 play drive with 8:45 left in the game. Spencer Baron ran in from 4 yards out, a drive that took 7:06. The 2-point conversion was no good and John Bapst had cut the deficit to 43-12.

Photo Walter Churchill

MDI scored their 7th and final touchdown with 3:15 left in the game, as Billy Kerley ran in from 60 yards out, a 1 play drive. The 2-point conversion was good as Nick Soper ran in, with 3:15 left, making the final MDI 51 John Bapst 12.

MDI is now 4-1 and travels to Madison 3-2 on Friday October 9th in a game that will be broadcast on AM 1370 WDEA and WDEA Internet Radio. John Bapst 1-4 plays host to Old Town 5-0 on Friday October 9th.

MDI Stats
Taner Bickford 9 carries 263 yards
Croix Albee 6 carries 94 yards
Billy Kerley 1 carry 60 yards
Colby Lee 2 carries 11 yards
Chris Frarnsworth 2 carries 8 yards
Elijah Joynce 1 carry 2 yards
Abrahm Malloy 1 carry -2 yards

Andrew Phelps 3-7 71 yards

Croix Albee 1 reception 33 yards
Taner Bickford 1 reception 20 yards
Isaiah Keene 1 reception 18 yards

John Bapst Stats

Spencer Baron 27 carries 108 yards
Stephen Fitzpatrick 3 carries 11 yards
Jared Smith 3 carries 6 yards
Noah Campbell 1 carry -4 yards
Nick Lakeman 1 carry -5 yards
Andrew DeTour 7 carries -10 yards


Andrew DeTour 14-26 72 yards 2 Interceptions
Spencer Baron 2-3 100 yards 1 Touchdown

Logan Dempsey 4 receptions 90 yards
Alex Casbun 2 receptions 24 yards
Nick Lakeman 2 receptions 18 yards
Spencer Baron 6 receptions 13 yards
Noah Campbell 1 reception 12 yards
Andrew DeTour 1 reception 10 yards.