What a way to send everyone off on Christmas Break! All the MDI High School students came into Bernard Parady Gymnasium on Friday afternoon, December 21st to see which of the 5 faculty members would receive pies in the face!

Principal Matt Haney, Dean of Curriculum Julie Keblinsky, Dean of Students Ian Braun, Athletic Director Bunky Dow and School Resource Officer Tim Bland all volunteered to be pied. Students and faculty donated a dollar for a chance to throw a pie, and all proceeds were going to the family that Wendy Littlefield donated her kidney to, for Christmas presents and ongoing medical bills.

Officer Bland "won" getting 3 pies, Bunky Dow received 2 pies and Ian Braun received 1 pie. Matt Haney and Julie Keblinsky "lost" and didn't receive a pie.

Check out some of the photos and congratulations to the students and faculty for collecting money for this great cause, and thanks to the 5 "willing" faculty members. What great sports!

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