Congratulations to the cast and crew of MDI High School's One Act Play of "Jack, or The Submission" by Eugene Ionesco who are the the Eastern Maine Class A Regional Champion, earning a score of 287 out of a possible 300 points. They will compete in Windham for the State Championship the weekend of March 23-24.

Photo Chris Dougherty
Photo Chris Dougherty

Hermon came in 2nd place in Class A.

Only MDI had more than 3 All Festival Cast Member. They include

  • Ethan Leonard - Father Robert
  • Desmond Reifsnyder - Jack
  • Rawl Blackett - Mother Jack
  • Rosie Avila - Roberta I and II
  • Dezi Zaman - Jacqueline.

Receiving Special Commendations were

  • Rosie Avila - Excellence in Dance and Choreography
  • Piper Charron and Ensemble - Excellence in Mask Design and Construction
  • Piper Charron - Excellence in Video Design.

Judges’ Comments  include  “What [an] excellent risk . . . kudos.” “I want to see it again.” “Interpretation - you really owned it! Go big or go to the hardware store . . . ” “[Presentation was] extremely unified and bewildering at the same time.” “Brilliant choreography [by Rosie Avila].” “A 1950s Peewee’s Playhouse in a . . . red-fearing fallout shelter . . . I dig that.” “Masks were amazing and extremely effective. Forced some wild gesticulation and physical expression of bizarre poetry.”  Liz Rollins.

Judge Ann Ross commented “Body/gesture . . . absolutely brilliant.” “Voices . . . extremely clear, especially with odd pronunciations and accents.” Individual performances “added an insight into [the] world of each character.” “Tech director’s vision clear with location and time.” “The masks are the winner of the costuming.” “Excellent emoting through the masks.” “Beautiful dancing -- establishing relationships and the glee and zealousness of the situation.” “I want to see this again!!”

Judge Rob Kimball said  “Excellent work by the whole company.” “[Voice] superbly done!” “Jack (Desmond Reifsnyder) and Roberta II (Rosie Avila) were superb. Every character is perfect.” “The whole company worked as a unit and also kept their characters clear and unique.” “Masks were wonderful.” “Loved the [interpretation] -- really well done.” “Theatre of the Absurd is not easy, but you did it. Great concept -- true to the playwright’s message. You found the humor, the pathos and the absurdity of the modern condition. Loved it!”

Thanks to Casey Rush for the information

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