Monday night, May 16th, the Mount Desert Island High School chapter of the National Honor Society had their annual diner/induction ceremony, and approximately 170 friends, family and teachers were there to honor the 46 students. The 2016 inductee class consisted of 29 students, the largest ever.To be eligible for the National Honor Society, students must have a 3.5 GPA (Grade Point Average) and be able to document their excellence in leadership, character and service. Together these three and scholarship (GPA) are the 4 ideals of the National Honor Society.

Here are the 29 students inducted into the National Honor Society on May 16th. They are, in alphabetical order

Abby Bridgers ,Zak Charette, Lydia DaCorte, Emma Forthofer, Kai Fox,Teddy Geary, Kit Gurin, Grace Higgins, Megan Howell, Rachel Jacobs, Spencer Kachmar, Abby Kelley, Kyle Lamson,  Madeleine Macauley, Emily McCarthy, Olivia McCarthy, Ellie McGee, Luke Mitchell, Kristoph Naggert, Natasha Olearcek, Annie Painter, Jake Ressel, Nick Ressel, Drew Rich, John Rush, Chelsea Schroeder, Mac Shea, Ceilieigh Weaver and Erin White

The returning members of the National Honor Society who were inducted in 2015 are in alphabetical order

Molly Brown, Nicole Brown, Jennifer Clemens, Brittany Corson, Kirsten DiMauro, Pierce DiMauro, Hannah Edgecomb, Kevin Elk, Peter Jacobson, William Miller, Cassidy Parady, Kaleb Payson, Peter Philbrook, Natalie Rogers, Kelsey Shaw, Eleanor Shields, McKenzie Young

Thanks to Bo Greene for the information