During Christmas time many organizations are involved in insuring that children have gifts under the tree, but there aren't many that look after teens. That's why the MDI High School Interact Club is working to provide "holiday cheer" stockings to teens in need in Hancock County. This the 4th year they have done it, making between 35-50 stockings per year

They are looking for "teen stuff' like water bottles, jewelry, makeup, perfume, nail polish, hair ties, lotion, bath fuzzies, fuzzy socks, throw blankets, hats, mittens, scarfs, gum, mints, tic tacs, chocolates, nuts, beef jerky, candy/treats, deodorant, body spray, lotion, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, water bottles, chapstick, art and school supplies. They're also looking for fun mini toys such as silly putty, fidget spinner and the like.

Items may be dropped off at the MDI High School Main Office. In lieu of donations, monetary donations are also appreciated. Checks may be  made out to the MDIHS Interact Club.

If you need more information or to arrange alternative pick up or drop off items please email Desiree Sirois

Items need to be dropped off by Friday, December 10th

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