MDI Hospital held their 123rd Annual Meeting on Thursday afternoon, September 3rd, the 1st virtual one in the hospital's storied history.

The meeting marked the last time that President and CEO Art Blank would preside over the annual meeting.

Photo via Zoom

It also marked the end of Jim Bright's tenure as Board Chair. Bright had been the Board Chair for 6 years and on the board since 2011.

Photo via Zoom

Dr. Patricia Hand is assuming the Board Chair position

Photo via Zoom

Senior Vice President/COO Chrissi Maguire who is taking over for Blank spoke about the financial impact of COVID-19 and thanked outgoing President and CEO Blank for his 20 years of service

Photo via Zoom
(L-R) Barbara McPike, Jenny Michaud Photos MDI Hospital

Finally the slate of incorporators were elected who will serve a 5 year term. They include

  • Alf Anderson
  • David Edson
  • Susan Edson
  • Chris Field
  • David Hales
  • Ben Harper
  • Nancy G. Harris
  • Allan Kleinman
  • Joan Kleinman
  • Cathleen Lutz
  • Charlie Lyons
  • Marsha Lyons
  • Barbara MacLeod
  • Linda Musson
  • Terry O'Connell
  • Eleanor Raynes
  • Kenneth Salvatore
  • Nina St. Germain
  • Tom St. Germain
  • Jerry Selig
  • Patti Selig
  • Chadbourne Smith
  • Marion Smith
  • Micki Sumpter
  • Helene Tuchman
  • Maurice Tuchman

Also the following Trustees were returned for 3 year terms

  • Dr. Edward J. Benz
  • Madeleine Braun PhD, MBA
  • James R. Bright
  • Sarah Fina
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