Principal Matt Haney, Dean of Students Ian Braun, Director of Curriculum Julie Keblinsky, Athletic Director Bunky Dow and School Resource Officer Tim Bland are all putting their faces on the line Friday, December 21st for a great cause! One of them, will receive a pie in the face, based upon the donations received.

Students can pay $1.00 for a chance to pie the person they think most deserves it. The community can certainly make donations as well! Each dollar equals one chance to pie the person.

All money raised will support Wendy Littlefield's donation family for Christmas/medical needs. Wendy Littlefield is a living kidney donor.

I plan on being at MDI High School to film, and take pictures of the event. Hopefully there are so many donations that even those who didn't "win" will want to take a pie to the face for such a good cause!




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