The MDI Class of 2022 gathered in Bernard Parady Gymnasium on Friday morning, June 3rd for their final boogaloo!

Thanks to Tabatha Sullivan who took the video for us!

The Boogaloo is a tradition at MDI High School. It's such a tradition that they actually teach it to the freshman during their orientation.

During the dark days of COVID when no one other than players and game day officials were allowed in the gym during the basketball games we missed the noise. We missed the Boogaloo. We missed everyone and everything!

The Class of 2022 was greatly affected by the pandemic. They experienced virtual learning. Dances and extra-curricular activities were canceled and curtailed. They weren't able to experience a '"normal" high school experience. But in the tradition of Survivor, they overcame, they adapted and they persevered. They survived!

Congratulations MDI High School Class of 2022! I wish you great success in your future! We miss you already!

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