The MDI Boy's Tennis Team defeated Ellsworth 4-1 while the MDI Girl's beat Ellsworth 3-2 on Friday, May 13th in Bar Harbor. Here are the results


  • 1st Singles - Westy Granholm won 8-3 over Ellsworth's Koa Barrett
  • 2nd Singles - Max Friedlander won 8-2 over Ellsworth's Kai Barrett
  • 3rd Singles - Evan Ankrom won 8-0 over Ellsworth's Felix Markosian
  • 1st Doubles -Jack Hodgdon and Jameson Weir lost 5-8 to Ellsworth's Dallas Flood and Chance Mercier
  • 2nd Doubles Treyan Nelson and Owen Kelly won 8-0 over Ellsworth's Eli Powel and Andy Young


  • 1st singles - Linda Bolten won 8-1 over Ellsworth's Bailey Clarke
  • 2nd singles - Lelia Weir  won 8-6 over Ellsworth's Megan Jordan
  • 3rd singles - Taber Allen lost 5-8to Ellsworth's Briana Kana
  • 1st doubles Addy Smith and Hannah St Amand won 9-8 (7-3 in a tiebreaker) over Ellsworth's Grace Gumpp and Abby Bland
  • 2nd doubles Meredith Cook and Eliza Levin lost 1-8 to Ellsworth's Kahlan Keene and Miah Coffin

MDI is back in action on Monday, May 16th when they play Belfast, with the Boys at Belfast and the Girls hosting the Lions.

Ellsworth is back in action on Monday, May 16th when they host Bangor

Thanks to Lelia Weir and Bailey Clarke for the results

Note- We had the incorrect team members for the Boy's game for Ellsworth. We regret the error. The above is now correct

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