The MDI Boy's Basketball Team is 9-0 halfway through the season. That's all well and good, but what's more important is what they do off the court, and they deserve to be applauded and recognized for these efforts.

Tonight after the Trojans defeated Old Town 63-34, I was interviewing Coach Justin Norwood. The Trojans came out of the locker room and rather than sitting down on the bleachers waiting for Coach Norwood so they could head back to the Island, they started to help the Old Town custodians pick up and stack the chairs. They did this not only for the Old Town side, but the MDI side as well. But they weren't done... They also picked up discarded cups on the sidelines from the bench area.

The Trojans regularly help out at the AYS Basketball Clinics. They remember looking up to the High School Team when they were in grade school and they are paying it forward to the next generation of up and coming Trojans.

Go to a basketball game and watch a Trojan get knocked down. All 4 members on the court will run over to help them up. If an opponent is knocked down, 1 or 2 Trojans will offer to help them up.

I don't have a vote on the Sportsmanship Banner, but if I did, it would go to the 2016-17 MDI Trojans Boy's Basketball Team.

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