Dr. William J. Brennan, President of Maine Maritime Academy (MMA), announced on Friday, July 17th that the Mariners will not compete in intercollegiate athletics during the Fall 2020 semester.

The decision to cancel competition was made after undertaking considerable discussions among staff and in consultation with the Mariners' team physician and partners in the North Atlantic (NAC) and the New England Men's and Women's Athletic Conferences (NEWMAC). Athletic-associated travel and competition presented a serious enough risk to the Academy's ability to deliver its core educational mission to warrant cancellation.

"I am tremendously saddened and disappointed that we have arrived at this place, but we made the right decision as an institution based on sound medical advice and in the interest of protecting the primary mission of the Academy," said Athletics Director, Steve Peed. "We will work hard to provide quality growth opportunities for our athletes on campus this fall and keep our eyes on developments that may allow all of our athletes to practice and compete in the Spring 2021 semester."

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