The beginning of Maple Syrup season in Maine has begun!

Governor Paul LePage officially kicked it off today by tapping into a maple tree on the Blaine House lawn.  Hundreds of maple syrup producers , both professional and hobbyists, will brew thousands of gallons of the sugary concoction!

“Maine’s maple industry contributes an estimated $27.7 million directly to the Maine economy,” said Governor LePage. “Maine’s maple industry has an annual statewide economic contribution (including multiplier effects) of an estimated $48.7 million in output, 805 full and part-time jobs, and $25.1 million in labor income. Most importantly, this industry has a huge potential for additional job creation,” said Governor LePage.

Most sap is drawn from Maple trees the old fashioned way, a hole is drilled and buckets are attached to their sides.  A tree can drop almost 60 gallons of sap, which will eventually give you about a gallon and a half of syrup after processing.

Maple syrup season runs from mid-February to sometime in April when things tend to dry up.

Every year now, the maple syrup producers of Maine hold "Maple Syrup Sunday" on the fourth Sunday in March.  This year that would be Sunday the 22nd!

Joe Raedle - Getty Image

According to the Maine Maple Producer's Association website, "most sugarhouses offer free maple syrup samples and demonstrations on how pure Maine maple syrup is made."

Their site has a nice interactive map that will show you where you can take you family for a free  tour and demonstration!  Here in the Bangor area, you can easily make the trip to sugarhouses in Newburgh, Swanville, and Exeter!  Check out the map!