December 12th Update -Still no sign of Eden. 😞 Many of us have driven up and down Rt. 3 near Seabury Dr., across Rt. 3, down to Hamilton Pond where she was found previously about a year ago, and all behind that area. Now the snow is gone, no tracks. Some signs were put up. PLEASE KEEP SHARING. Knock on doors. There may be someone that has not heard about Eden and may have seen her. Thank you. 🐾

Have you seen Eden? She's a 2 year old black lab mix that lives on Seabury Drive in Salisbury Cove and went missing this morning, Thursday, December 5th.

Photo Diana de los Santos
Photo Diana de los Santos

Eden was wearing a collar with her name and information on it. She is friendly and will come to you if you call her name but she is skittish of cars. Please contact Matt at 288 - 8023 if you have any information

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