With Winter Storm Orson going to be a doozy, and with Blizzard Warnings up for Bangor and Down East Maine, you might want to go through this checklist before the snow starts falling and the wind starts blowing

  • Do you have a flashlight and batteries?
  • Are your cellphones charged?
  • Do you have enough of your medication to last 3 days?
  • Do you have have pet food for 3 days?
  • Is your carbon monoxide detector working?
  • Have you shoveled your porch?
  • Do you have diapers and baby food for 3 days?
  • If you're on a well have you filled up your bathtub with water and filled up extra jugs?
  • Do you have gas for the snowblower and for your vehicles?
  • Bookmark the Emera Maine Live Outage and Restoration Map
  • Have you checked on your neighbors to find out if they're ok and ready for the storm?
  • Do you know where your shovels are?
  • Check to make sure direct exhaust vents are not covered by the snow
  • Download the WDEA APP from the app store as we will keep you up to date with the latest on the storm and power outages

Assume most businesses, schools, banks and government offices will be shut on Monday. Call before you go! Don't go out in the middle of the storm if you can avoid it. Public safety members will have enough to do without dealing with accidents etc. If you do have to drive, be sure to have some water, a blanket, some high energy bars, shovel, warm clothing in your car.

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