The mascot for the Lamoine Consolidated School is a lion, but could have been a sardine? It might have been given the history of herring and sardines in Lamoine!

The Town of Lamoine is celebrating their 150th Anniversary this year, and they're inviting Lamoine residents and businesses to show off their sardines in honor of Lamoine's 150th!

According to Lamoine 150 "MAKE A SARDINE from anything handy. Paint it, decorate it, spiff it up to show it off to your neighbors! Then put it in a window, in a tree, in the front yard to SHOW YOUR PRIDE IN LAMOINE AND ITS HISTORY! Send a PHOTO of you and your sardine to"

Then around May 15th look for the video of the Sardine Tour, put together by Lamoine 150!

For more info, click HERE

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