Stu Marckoon the Administrator of the Town of Lamoine reported that the Cheesehouse lights, at the intersection of Routes 204 and 3 are functioning properly again.

A team from the Maine Department of Transportation  fixed a corroded junction box that prevented the cameras from communicating with the light controllers. This caused the long wait for the lights to turn green when turning left  onto Route 3.

According to Markoon he spent a half hour at the light observing traffic and how long it took for the light to change when a vehicle would pull up. The longest was about 1-minute and 12 seconds, and that was only when there was a lot of traffic zooming by on Route 3 toward Ellsworth. When there was no traffic, the light would change in :13 to :15 seconds.

He did notice that there were a minimum of 3 vehicles that ran the red light while he was there.

If you think that the light isn't working and you're waiting for a long time, you're encouraged to call the Lamoine Town Office at 667-2242.

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