The answer may surprise you!

As we get closer and closer to Halloween, many of have candy on the brain. In fact, our-co-worker Chris Popper is famous in these parts,
because he hands out giant sized candy bars, so as you can imagine, he is a pretty big hit in his Bangor neighborhood, but when it comes to
Maine's favorite candy of choice, it is amazingly, chocolate free.

The has released their annual survey of the most popular Halloween candy in each state, and here in the 207, the choice is sour, as in Sour Patch Kids.

The love-it-or-hate it, Candy Corn was second, and in 3rd, people prefer to lay a finger on their Butterfinger.

As for our closest neighbors in New England, Butterfinger was number one in Massachusetts, Reese's Cups topped the list in New Hampshire.

The final results were based on based on bulk candy sales across each state.

In the entire United States, it is a mix of sweet & sour! Here is how the Top 5 choices break down:

#5 Sour Patch Kids
#4 Skittles
#3 Hot Tamales
#2 M&M's
#1 Reese's Cups

No love for Snickers, or Almond Joy? Twix, or Hershey's Kisses? Sour Patch Kids it is then.

So, if you find yourself out prowling on Maple Street, or whatever your go to spot in Bangor is, this Tuesday night, you might be surprised by what shows up in your bag.

Happy Halloween!

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