We are not Number One in Maine. And that is a good thing.

Maine is not at Number Two in the nation either. That too, is a good thing.

Washington D.C. is #1. And Hawaii is ranked number 2.

When it comes to spending money on take-out foods, Maine ranks 3rd in the entire country.

The average American spends $3,631 on take-out food.

Washington D.C. averages $6,241. Think of all those politicians and other government employees.

Hawaii at #2 in the country and spends $4,647 a year.

Maine spends $4,499 on takeout a year.  We could overtake Hawaii if we put our minds to it and tried. Or wanted to.

Surprising that Maine is so high on take-out food.  That’s a lot of restaurant-to-go food, and also a whole lot of pizza delivery and pizza takeout.

Getty Images
Getty Images

Do you as a Mainer spend almost $75 a week on take-out food?

New Hampshire and Vermont are not far behind us, so it’s not just a Maine thing, but a New England thing to get so much carry-out food.

Over one-third of Americans spend at least $50 when they order takeout, and pizza is the number one food on over 75% of our preferences for food to go.

Getty Images/ Think Stock
Getty Images/ Think Stock

Time to go get some carry-out food. Do let us know what your favorite to-go foods are, and why you think Maine ranks so high in the country when it comes to take-out food.

The data comes from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, who probably ordered take-out food while compiling the survey and at the completion of the statistic gathering too.

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