It kinda figures, doesn't it? Gas hasn't been this cheap in I-don't-know-how-long. Personally, I filled up a couple days ago, and was blown away when I pulled up to a pump that read $1.99 a gallon. But then yesterday, I was driving around and saw $1.95, but the cheapest I've heard of statewide is $1.89.

Now, there's a big part of me knows that this isn't entirely something to celebrate. Because of the current state of the stock market, gas is super cheap. And while no one should necessarily be psyched the market is in such disarray, I was pretty excited to fill my nearly empty tank for under $25.

But it really just does kind of figure that all of us are tanked right up, but have nowhere to go. I'm not even going to visit my mom. We chat several times a day, but I'm taking my social distancing as seriously as I can. I suppose I could just go for a drive and burn up some that cheapo gas, But that'll probably get boring eventually.

But hey, just knowing I can get out of this chair, and drive to any gas station right now and fill up cheaper than I've been able to in years is just dandy. Sometimes it's the little things, you know? Especially when they're happening in the middle of big things.

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