Sumner Memorial High School released an update Monday night, March 16th regarding remote learning and delivery of student's belongings and meals to students.

Key takeaways -

Student Materials/Belongings - In order to safely practice social distancing Sumner Memorial High School cannot allow students and community members to visit the school or stop in. Students can save everyone valuable time by emailing Principal Thurlow at if you don't have your computer, or charger or something in your locker you left behind. You are asked to email the exact description of the item and location. Staff will locate them and place them on buses to be delivered to you Thursday afternoon.

Student Meals - RSU 24 will be providing and delivering 1 free meal per student each weekday. If you want the free meal, please email Mr Thurlow The meals will be delivered to your home

Remote Learning - This will begin on Friday March 20th

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