A incident occurred at MDI High School on Thursday, May 26th, that caused the school to briefly shelter in place. Needless to say after the incident in Texas, a "shelter in place" order caused anxiety for students, staff and faculty.

Principal Matt Haney sent out the following letter to Students, Parents and Staff on Thursday afternoon/evening.

At around 12:50 this afternoon, the Bar Harbor police were called to the high school to respond to a physical assault that occurred at the school involving our students.  The police were called by office staff while Dean of Students Ian Braun and I attempted to separate the students.

The aggressor left the office area at which time I called for a shelter in place while we looked for the individual. The police responded quickly and helped us to deescalate the situation.  As soon as we located the student we made an announcement that the school could resume normal operations.

I met with school staff after students left for the day and debriefed with those who experienced the incident. Although no students witnessed the incident most of them are aware that something frightening happened and may be upset by the events.  Guidance and administrative staff will be available tomorrow to speak with anyone who would like to process any anxiety or fears that today's events surfaced.

Finally, I'd like to say that the high school staff did an excellent job helping to contain the incident and get back to end of the day routines.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions while also respecting the fact that due to confidentially considerations there are not a lot of specific details that I can share.
With appreciation,

Matt Haney

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