Probably the two most asked questions today, besides "I'm bored, what is there to do?" are "How much snow are we going to get?" and "When is it going to stop?!!"

The National Weather Service in Caribou has heard you and offers these visuals for answers!

National Weather Service
Photo National Weather Service

We easily have 2 feet in Bangor! I couldn't get home and luckily when I called Bangor Public works they made a swipe down the road so I could get in to my street. Thanks also to the neighbor at the far end of Grant Street that helped me unstick my car!

If you haven't started shoveling, or snowblowing you need to make a go of it.  The drifts are so high, they're over most snowblowers. Getting out now, will give you a chance to make a major dent in it, so you're not out there for hours cleaning up when the snow stops!