Congratulations to the 2nd Grade Class at Hancock Grammar School who completed their 50 Postcard Challenge in a huge way on Friday, March 11th! They have now received postcards from every state well before the 50 days were up!

When friends throughout the country started sending postcards, it became apparent they were going to receive LOTS of postcards... and boy have they! This postcard from Rhode Island was the 500th postcard they received, and with all the postcards they received, they are now up to 525!

Ms. Wagstaff and Ms. Stanley's class are going to celebrate with a pizza party on Tuesday, March 15th, courtesy of Pat's Pizza and I'm going to be there to celebrate with them! I can't wait to meet all my new friends at Hancock Grammar School!

They will be studying the State of Maine on Tuesday the 15th, and I have something special planned for them!