It lives! It is the Hancock Grammar School Postcard Challenge, but now after collecting over 500 postcards from all of the 50 States, the Postcard Challenge has taken a turn, and I think I'm to blame!

When West Virginia was one of the only states that hadn't sent the 2nd Grade Class at Hancock Grammar School a postcard, I decided that I would tweet the Governor of West Virginia, Earl Tomblin. I then followed the tweet up with a phone call. Much to my shock, Governor Tomblin sent a postcard!

Photo Rebecca Stanley

And today, the 2nd Grade Class received 3 postcards from the Alaska Governor's office!

So... 2 Down.. 48 to Go! Can it be done? I think so! But, we need your help! Can you contact your Governor's office and ask them to send a postcard? It should be sent to 2nd Grade Class Hancock Grammar School, 33 Cemetery Road, Hancock ME 04640. If you want to email your Governor's Office, it may be a good idea to include a link to this article!