I am so excited to report that the 2nd Grade Class at the Hancock Grammar School has received postcards from 49 states in their 50 Postcards in 50 Days Challenge! The lone holdout? Indiana! What's up with that? I have called the Indiana Department of Tourism and they said they would send one, but remember, the class is trying to collect 500 postcards so they can have a pizza party!

This week alone, they have received 167 postcards and they are up to 355 postcards! They still need 145 postcards at a minimum! This is such a fantastic cross-curricular project as it combines geography, math, and reading. Please continue to send your postcards to Hancock Grammar School - Attention 2nd Grade 33 Cemetery Road, Hancock Maine 04640.

Every postcard is read outloud!

The breakdown by state is as follows

Alabama-9; Alaska-13; Arizona-16; Arkanas-9; California-10; Colorodo-9; Connecticut-2; Delaware-3; Florida-27; Georgia-3; Hawaii-19; Idaho-6; Illinois-1; Indiana-0; Iowa-3; Kansas-5; Kentucky-4; Louisiana-9; Maine-8;
Maryland-3; Massachusetts-7; Michigan-12; Minnesota-2; Mississippi-4; Missouri-2; Montana-7; Nebraska-4; Nevada-5; New Hampshire-20; New Jersey-5; New Mexico-3; New York-9; North Carolina-5; North Dakota-5; Ohio-6; Oklahoma-12; Oregon-9;
Pennsylvania-17; Rhode Island-4; South Carolina-7; South Dakota-2; Tennessee-3; Texas-5; Utah-2; Vermont-1; Virginia-2; Washington-8; West Virginia-7; Wisconsin-2; Wyoming-19.