Do you have a Hero that should be recognized during this time of crisis? We want to recognize them!

Here are our 1st two for Friday, April 3rd!

Photo Evelyn Lindsey


Jay Boyce, the Manager of the Bar Harbor Hannaford was outside in the rain all day on Thursday, April 2nd and is back out there Friday morning, April 3rd sanitizing carts and passing them to customers with a big smile while keeping count of the number of people in the building.

Photo via Facebook

Our 2nd is Jenny Jones Denegre from the Bar Harbor Food Pantry. She's working countless hours insuring that those that need food are receiving it, including on Friday's, offering the extra eggs, dairy and produce to all, so everyone has a little extra and nothing is going to waste!

Have someone you want to nominate for Hero of the Day? Email with their photo and why they should be recognized!  We're not going to limit this to 2 per day. There may be more Heroes of the Day, and by community if there are enough nominees!

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