Have you wondered why the new utility poles are so big that are being installed on Route 3 in Bar Harbor? A lot of people have been wondering, so I went and asked Ted Talbott the spokesperson for the Maine Department of Transportation.

According to Ted, the new utility poles are 55 to 65 feet tall, which are substantially taller than what is currently being used. The reason why they are so tall, is that they will be carrying transmission and distribution lines for Emera, and they have to be taller than the distribution lines that are currently in use. Other utility companies will be also attaching lines to the new poles, and this way they will safely be able to get a bucket for Emera's line crews up to the new poles without interfering with the other lines.

The existing poles are in the neighborhood of 35 to 45 feet tall, which is why these new poles seem soooo high.

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