Some animal shelters down in the South are known as "kill-shelters". When their population is too large they "euthanize" or plainly speaking kill the dogs, kittens or cats in their care. The SPCA of Hancock County is in the process of rescuing about 40 cats from shelters in Georgia!

Working with a rescue organization down South (Kitty Up), the kittens, cats and pregnant mamas are en route to Maine! The Hancock County SPCA Animal Care Manager is picking up the cats in New Hampshire Saturday afternoon and will be bringing them to Trenton Saturday evening!

We are told that the group consists of 11 kittens, 3 pregnant moms and the rest are adult cats.

The SPCA of Hancock County is doing this as they currently have the space thanks to you who have adopted the cats and kittens, and they wanted to give these 40 a new lease on life!

Stay tuned on these 40 from Georgia and how you can adopt one or more!



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