I'm a sucker for sappy endings. The kind of ending where despite every obstacle presented, the good guy gets his girl and together, they happily ride off into the sunset.

Romance doesn't just live on the pages of a Nicholas Sparks novel, on the big screen, or in the imaginations of kids who haven't yet been jaded by the real world. Romance is when love, attraction, and closeness are wrapped into a forever promise that a couple fights for and this couple certainly has fought for their romance.

Mr. and Mrs. Torrico have been sweethearts for 74 years. When they were married, the couple vowed to be there for each other through sickness and health and when sickness came, they clung to that promise. Mr. and Mrs. Torrico live together in a nursing home in Upstate New York and sadly, circumstances beyond their control separated the lovers for 55 excruciatingly long days. During their time apart, the staff at the nursing home helped keep the couple connected through window visits, Facetime calls and verbally relayed messages.

And then, one beautiful day in early May, Mr. and Mrs. Torrico were finally reunited and Mary's "Long Walk Home" was captured on video and shared for the world to see what devotion really looks like.

No words needed to be spoken between the two lovers because their passion for each other was made abundantly clear in their embrace. Mr. Torrico finally got his girl back. May these two inspiring lovers never have to be apart again.

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