Have you renewed your dog's licenses for 2020? They are supposed to have been done by January 1st, but the State of Maine gives you a grace period until January 31st. After that, there's a $25.00 late fee imposed per dog!

2020 Dog License Photo Chris Popper
2020 Dog License Photo Chris Popper

In the State of Maine, all dogs age 6 months and older must be licensed including service and search and rescue dogs.

Licensing is very simple, you must go to your local Town or City Hall and bring a certified rabies certificate from a Maine veterinarian and then pay the licensing fee. Fees are $6.00 for neutered and spayed dogs, and $11.00 for males and females that haven't been "fixed". If your dog has been neutered or spayed, you must bring a note from your veterinarian.

In some cases, you can renew online HERE

The late fee of $25.00 is in addition to the annual license fee, so be sure to get this done before January 31st, at the latest!

And did you notice dogs only have 4 toes?

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