Happy 1st Day of Sprinter! Yes, I know the calendar says it's the 1st Day of Spring, but c'mon, just look outside! Nothing looks like Spring in Maine right now!

But, if you think about it, Maine is the only 7 season state in the United States! There's Winter, Sprinter, Spring, Mud, Bug, Summer and Fall! The Maine Department of Tourism should be marketing the state as the only 7 season state!

Pitchers and catchers could begin practicing yesterday, March 19th and Spring practices in high schools start in full on Monday, March 26th. It reminds of 2015 when they had to snowblow the tennis courts at MDI High School on March 31, 2015 so they could start tennis practice

Oh and just so you don't think there's going to be more snow, check what the National Weather Service is predicting for us for Wednesday into Thursday!

National Weather Service Caribou via Facebook
National Weather Service Caribou via Facebook

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