The Hancock County Sheriff's Office says a man going door to door, asking for children's fingerprints, was not dangerous.

Some parents were concerned about why a man would show up on their doorstep and ask for their kids' fingerprints, and so they notified the Hancock County Sheriff's Office through its Facebook page. While officials certainly appreciate that people reached out, they offered advice today on how to get a quicker response.

Instead of sending a private message, the post suggests calling a Hancock County dispatcher at (207) 667-7575, and they will put you in touch with a deputy. That's much quicker and more efficient than going through the Facebook page, which could take a day or more before anyone sees it.

As for the suspicious man, deputies checked out his identification and verified that he actually works for the company he claimed to be with. They advised the individual that he had caused some concern in the community and needed to have some identification if he was going to go door-to-door. Deputies also contacted the company and advised them of the issue and were assured that the matter would be corrected. No mention was made, in the HCSO Facebook post, about the name of the company involved, but officials say there's no reason to be concerned.

They do appreciate, however, that the community is staying alert and reporting activity they consider suspicious.

Remember, if you see something, say something.

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